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06/04/2005 - Secant, Inc. Fulfills Strategic Data Collection Needs for Jim Beam Brands Co and Future Brands LLC.

Bridgeport,, Conn. – June 4, 2005
Secant, Inc., an independent corporation specializing in consulting and software solutions for companies in the beverage alcohol and consumer packaged goods industries, announces its newest client: Jim Beam Brands Co, a global distilled spirits and wines company. Effective immediately, Secant will be responsible for supporting Jim Beam Brands with hosting, consulting, and depletion and retail data collection needs.

“We see significant benefits to our clients in providing them with a timelier and more robust base of data sets including retail, inventory, chain accounts, international and invoice level granularity.” Said Elena Amboyan, Secant Managing Partner. “We are committed to improving frequency from the monthly snapshot to weekly or daily in order to provide more actionable data to our clients. We recognize Jim Beam Brands as a strategic partner in this industry and are excited to count them as a premier client. Our collaborative relationship has led to key improvements in the data collection services that are now available to the alcohol beverage industry at large.” adds Amboyan.

“We were looking for an alternative to the conventional method of data collection,” said Ron Kapolnek, Beam’s Chief Financial Officer. “Secant brings a lower cost, innovative approach to data collection and offers improved data quality through its partnerships with TDLinx and NABCA. The Secant offering appreciably improved the timeliness of data collection, allowing us to react to information quicker and respond to the market faster than ever before.”

Secant’s services include the collection and transformation of disparate data from distributors and chain accounts, providing manufacturers a clear view of their performance through the supply chain. With an emphasis on accuracy as well as improved frequency and coverage, Secant has structured their product offering to enable a broader business intelligence vision. Secant’s application design is extremely flexible, enabling companies to maximize their current technology.

About Secant Consulting
Secant, Inc. is an independent consulting corporation in the Alcohol Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. One of their product offerings, Secant Transformer™ is a strategic alternative to the current depletion collection and reporting landscape. Secant understands the complexities of the alcohol beverage industry and the need for collaboration throughout its value chain. Secant combines innovative technical, operational, and organizational expertise with proven disciplined approaches. With an emphasis on accuracy, as well as improved frequency and coverage, Secant has structured its data collection and cleansing processes to enable a broader business intelligence vision. Secant’s Transformer™ is flexible, enabling companies to maximize their current technology investments. Secant has additional product offerings that support the flow of survey and promotion data throughout the supply chain. For more information visit the Secant website at

About Jim Beam
Jim Beam Brands Co. is an operating company of Jim Beam Brands Worldwide, Inc., an international distilled spirits and fine wines company that manufactures and markets more than 80 brands in 160 countries. Jim Beam Brands Worldwide, Inc. has leadership positions in bourbon, with Jim Beam® and Jim Beam ® Black, the number one selling bourbon worldwide; Knob Creek® bourbon and The Small Batch Bourbon Collection®; scotch, with The Dalmore® Single Malt Scotch; and cordials, with DeKuyper®, the number one cordial line in the United States. In addition to spirits, the Jim Beam Brands Worldwide, Inc. portfolio includes Geyser Peak ®, Canyon Road® and Barwang® wine brands. A joint venture between Jim Beam Brands Co. and The Absolut Spirits Company, Incorporated, called Future Brands LLC, provides sales and distribution services for the company’s spirits and wine brands. Jim Beam Brands Worldwide, Inc. is part of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE:FO), the consumer products company.

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